Saturday, 15 July 2017

High Resolution Bronson frames

Credit: 6th floor museum.

Bronson / Nix frame sync

Pay attention Cinque.
Do you see that Hargis is way out in front of Martin in both of these frames.

Notice in both frames we see Jackies white glove in the air, and Toni Fosters side step.
this is what i used to Sync the two frames.

More garbage from Cinque.

What an idiot.

Where the hell did he dig up that piss poor Nix frame. ?

He posted the Nix frame that corresponds with Zapruder frame Z-355 as though that is supposed to have any relevance to the Moorman polaroid. ?

Who gives a rats ass where Martin was at Zapruder frame Z-355 ?
that's 40-frames AFTER Mary Moorman snapped her polaroid.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Chaney's motorcycle in Zapruder frame Z-242

Zapruder frame Z-242 appears to show Chaney's left red flashing light on
his motorcycle.

Jerry Logan first pointed this out to me.

It confirms Chaney's motorcycle position in relation to the SS follow up car and Hargis and Martin.
there has been some debate on the forums regarding Chaney's "actual position on Elm st", as seen in Altgens 6 at Zapruder frame z255 (12-frames after z242)

This was mainly due to the forshortening effect produced by Altgens Zoom lens

It created perspective problems for some forum members when trying to understand Chaney's actual location in Altgens 6, some have insisted that Chaney is riding along side of the Limo near kennedy.

This is incorrect, Chaney was positioned just to the front right hand side of the SS follow up car

I have created a couple of GIFS to show the area of the red light in Zapruder.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Moorman polaroid Zapruder frame Z-315 (Updated)

This is what Cinque said on his Blog.

This is total " bullshit "

I don't know of anyone who say's that the Moorman polaroid equates to frame Z-300 before the headshot.

Moormans polaroid was taken a fraction of a second AFTER the head shot at frame Z315

Muchmore frame which equates to Moorman's polaroid

Moorman large crop showing the damage to kennedy's skull.

This is Cinque's response to my post.

Cinque would have us believe that Moorman snapped her photo before kennedy emerges from behind the Stemmons sign.

Dale Myers places the first shot at Z-157

Altgens 6 equates with Z-255 which was snapped a fraction of a second after the SECOND shot

Cinques's idea that Moorman snapped her Polaroid at the moment of hearing the first shot is just bullshit.

If Mary Moorman ever said so, then she has simply mis-remembered after 50-years.

Now tell me Cinque, what Zapruder frame do you associate with the FIRST shot. ? 

Friday, 20 January 2017

NBC Steve Alexander

Cinque quote:

where was the cameraman who took the Jackson lookalike frame? 

He had to be, essentially, in the same spot that Jackson was in order to capture the same view. So, how come Jackson never talked about some other cameraman breathing down his neck? 

We would know about that guy, if he was there. But, there was no one there. The Jackson lookalike frame is just a rendering of the Jackson photo that was tweaked and rendered to look like a film frame.  It's fake, fake, fake!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Beers / Jackson composite ( Updated )

Beers and Jacksons standing location as they snapped their photo's, showing different ( lines of sight ) LOS

To my eyes Jackson appears to be standing closer to the subjects than Beers was, also Jackson was shooting at an angle to the subjects from ground level, while Beers LOS appears to be shooting  head on, as he looks down on the subject from above.