Wednesday, 28 December 2016

"out with Bill Shelley in front"

We now know thanks to the Bookhout report that the the fritz notes "out with Bill Shelley in front" comment
does NOT refer to during the assassination Timeline, but actually refers to the Timeline just prior to Oswald leaving the TSBD and going home.

Crop from the Bookhout report

And here is Shelley contradicting Bookhouts statement

Mr. BALL. Did you at anytime after the President was shot tell Oswald to go home?
Mr. SHELLEY. No, sir.
Mr. BALL. Did you tell anybody to go home?
Mr. BALL. You didn't tell anybody to leave the building at all?
Mr. SHELLEY. No, sir.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Hughes film showing the TSBD doorway at approx 12:50PM

The "Dallas Cinema Associates" film contained the Martin footage which was shot at approx 12:50PM

Hughes Gif  which was shot at approx 12:50PM

Hughes Film ( camera cars )

Motorcade on Houston st.

Officer Baker can be seen riding along side camera car 3

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Cinque has finally lost his mind

He just posted this image on his Blog showing Jack Ruby standing behind Toni Glover and her mother in the Dorman frame.

Toni Glover and her mother have been causing Cinque such a headache over the last few days.
that he sent Jack Ruby there to eliminate them.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Glover family in Bell

Hughes syncs with Dorman and Bell films.

All three films show the Glover family on the pedestal.

Cinque's theory that the Glover family was standing on the grass is laughable

I will use Cinque's own post against him.

This is the same LOS as the Dorman frames, both were taken from Dormans 4th floor window

Look at the height of the pedestal, then compare it to the height of the TOP of the traffic light

The only way the Glover's could be as tall as the TOP of the traffic light is if they were standing on the pedestal.

Cinque has just proven his stupid ( the Glover's were standing on the grass ) theory wrong by posting that image taken from Dorman's 4th floor window.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Toni Glover ( In her own words )

Toni Glover quote taken from one of her posts at Duncan's Forum.

1. I am not wearing a skirt. I am wearing navy 'bermuda'(longish) shorts with navy knee socks (maybe argyle). I remember she was not happy I was up on the pedestal in case someone looked up my shorts. Mom let me and my sister, Sharon, stay home from school that morning to go to the parade. I'm pretty sure the school district said it was okay to skip school, although it wouldn't have mattered, mom let us stay home from school for minor reasons, and this was a big deal.
2. It is indeed my mom on the pedestal with me. At one point she got tired of leaning against the cement (it is cement and not stone) fence and I helped her up so she could sit on it (quite a hop for a short woman). That also allowed her to block anyone from getting up on the pedestal during my trips to Main St. When the parade reached the last block of Main st., I ran back to the pedestal, climbed up behind mom and begged her to stand up. Since she wasn't much higher than the folks at the curb, she agreed to try. Remember CRAZY CELEBRATION !!!! He's coming you HAVE to stand up…. here let me help you!!!" I helped her get up on her knees and then steadied her as she stood up. I held onto her except for the moment we both waved like crazy in the Dorman frame

Friday, 2 December 2016

Elsie Dorman film Syncs with Hughes ( Toni Glover and her mother )

Cinque quote:

And, who is she supposed to be waving at? JFK's limo is still way off to the right. You can see it just starting to make the turn from Houston to Elm. It is nowhere near Toni Glover.
It is ridiculous. The Hughes doorway is fake, and it was faked to hide Oswald in the doorway, who was in the center of the doorway. What clowns to think they could get away with this shit. 

As anyone can plainly see in Dorman, Toni and her mother are looking directly at the limo
when Toni has her arms above her head.