Friday, 20 January 2017

NBC Steve Alexander

Cinque quote:

where was the cameraman who took the Jackson lookalike frame? 

He had to be, essentially, in the same spot that Jackson was in order to capture the same view. So, how come Jackson never talked about some other cameraman breathing down his neck? 

We would know about that guy, if he was there. But, there was no one there. The Jackson lookalike frame is just a rendering of the Jackson photo that was tweaked and rendered to look like a film frame.  It's fake, fake, fake!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Beers / Jackson composite ( Updated )

Beers and Jacksons standing location as they snapped their photo's, showing different ( lines of sight ) LOS

To my eyes Jackson appears to be standing closer to the subjects than Beers was, also Jackson was shooting at an angle to the subjects from ground level, while Beers LOS appears to be shooting  head on, as he looks down on the subject from above.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Ruby shoots Oswald muzzle flash ( Part 2 ) UPDATED

Cinque as predicted cries fowl over my "muzzle flash" GIF

Here is the source of my original film sequence.

Universal Newsreel Volume 36, Release 97 


You talk to much Ralph., if you did more research and less talking you might actually learn something.

After you watch the Universal Newsreel i expect an apology for saying that i posted a GIF showing a fake
muzzle flash.

  Here is the "Critical Past" version of the muzzle flash


Muzzle flash visible as Ruby shoots Oswald "UPDATE 2"

 Original film source:

Oswald arriving at Parkland

Jack Beers photo's