Saturday, 30 September 2017

Cinque is so clueless when it comes to the Assassination films

The GIF i made comes from the JFK Death in Dealey Plaza DVD
they used a zoomed version of the wiegman film in that program.

Not the Uncropped version of the film.

Gary Mack explained this to me a couple of years ago when i asked why there was a discrepancy between the Harold Weisberg version of the frame shown above, and the cropped version seen on the DVD

Cinque quote:

Robin Unger's gif consists mostly of the moving film. But, at the end, it settles on a still frame that is definitely not connected to what came before. How could it when it is qualitatively so different? The film wouldn't suddenly sharpen on that frame. And then since it's a still frame, it can't and doesn't go back to the movie

Wrong again, it can, and does go back to the movie

Wiegman GIF Updated

Wiegman film frame from the weisberg Archive.