Friday, 28 September 2018

Tina Towner film

This is a portion of Tina Towner's film taken on 11/22/63

Oswald / Ruby

In this GIF is Oswald looking directly at Jack Ruby.or is he kooking towards Ike Pappas.

Quote: Wearing a white raincoat, which made him clearly visible in photographs of the shooting, Pappas had just stepped forward to ask: “You have anything to say in your defence?” when the nightclub owner Jack Ruby shoved Pappas aside, fired a gun and Oswald crumpled, fatally wounded.

“There’s a shot!” Pappas blurted on the air, “Oswald has been shot! Oswald has been shot! A shot rang out. Mass confusion here; all the doors have been locked. Holy mackerel! A shot rang out as he was led into his car. Mass confusion… rolling, fighting.”